To be considered for Good Fat send your poem(s) in .doc or .docx format to

The deadline for the fall issue is September 15 2018

We appreciate work that is challenging and pushes the boundaries but work that maligns, demeans or hates on any person or group will not be accepted.

“We take our seriousness humorously and our humor seriously.” fnord

Please send no more than 3 submissions at once per issue.

Please include your name and the town you live in somewhere on the bottom right of the poem. If you don’t want to include the town you live in because you’re afraid the government will finally know where you are and come get you, that’s fine.

Make sure your piece is fully edited the way you want it. If we use the poem and see something that may need editing we will contact you and work with you on that.

You own the rights to your work. By submitting you’re giving us permission to print your poem once. 

Good Fat is open to everyone!

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