Welcome to Good Fat Poetry Zine!

Good Fat is a quarterly zine that showcases the poetry and prose from writers of the seacoast area, New Hampshire and beyond. Poetry is not just about stuffing more words into your brain, it’s about community. We’re going to print these things on paper and make them available in the three dimensional world because we want you to leave your house or look up from your phone and go get a magazine, hold it in your hands, smell it, rub it on your face and then read it. Find a poem you like and read it to the stranger next to you. Or go visit your poor mother and read one to her. Or run down the street screaming about how you’ve been asleep your whole life but now you’re awake. Either way, read it, share it, just don’t get hit by a bus while doing it. 

Good Fat is open to all people of all backgrounds and doesn’t discriminate or censor work. The only thing that is not welcome is hate. Good Fat is a platform for the expression and communal sharing of written art and ideas in an atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect. We want to build community, not tear it down. Good Fat = Love!

-Mike Nelson, creator of Good Fat and curator along with Julie Dickson, Lauren WB Vermette and Wendy Cannella

Organized in cooperation with The Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program (PPLP) ,  dedicated to building community with poetry and amplifying voices that need to be heard.