The third issue of Good Fat is out! Available at Portsmouth Book & Bar and WaterStreet Books in Exeter!

If you’d like to buy a copy of Good Fat and have it mailed to you please make a payment of $6.50 for one issue, $8.50 for two or $10.50 for all three at Senile Monk Press . Please tell me which zine(s) you want in the note section that appears after you enter the amount and your shipping address below that. Thank you!

Good Fat is a community project done in collaboration with The Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program and the prices are only to cover the printing and shipping costs.

       Volume 1                         Volume 2                 Volume 3


2 thoughts on “Issues

  1. Where May I get a copy of the first edition of Good Fat? I live in Center Sandwich and don’t get to Portsmouth very often.


    1. Hi Ann, I’m sorry I don’t come to the website often so it took me a while to get your message. if you go to the issues section of the website there are instructions for purchasing copies of the zine. Thank you!


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